Fidget Pen

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Not just a toy, Fidget Pen is a ballpoint pen and a discreet fidgeting tool designed to help individuals of any age stay focused.

How to play the Fidget Pen?

  • Flexing: Its rippled stainless steel barrel is a flex shaft with spring-like resistance.
  • Spinning: Rare earth magnets are embedded in the pen and its detachable ball and clip. The ball can latch onto the smooth section of the pen barrel for silent finger-driven spinning.
  • Sliding: A carbon steel cylinder that releases and retracts the pen's ink also slides around the barrel.
  • Twisting: The magnetic flex clip detaches completely from the pen for use as a standalone fidgeting tool, and inchworm or flipping moving along the length of the pen, or an actual clip to secure the pen in your bag.

Why Fidget Pen?

We love this question. It's not uncommon to hear fidgeting being spoken about negatively. It's often labeled as unprofessional and deemed as anti-intellectual behavior.

But in reality, the exact opposite has been suggested to be the case. Below are just some of many resources highlighting the work that's being done to learn more about this behavior:

The Science Of Why We Fidget While We Work

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The Benefits Of Fidgeting For Students With ADHD

Why Do We Fidget?

Using Stress Balls To Focus The Attention Of Students


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